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Mobile Device Choices

As noted in the Supplemental Mobile Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, we may use information collected about you to customize the ads you may see within apps you use on devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

You can opt out of receiving targeted ads from ONE by AOL advertising services by following the instructions for your type of device below. Please note that, in some instances, it may be necessary for you to provide your unique device ID in order to opt-out.

Apple Devices:

In Apple iOS6 and higher, companies can target advertising to mobile app users by using a unique identifier called the "Advertising Identifier." You can opt out of receiving such targeted advertising by selecting "Limit Ad Tracking" in the iOS settings. When you choose to Limit Ad Tracking, companies that receive your device's Advertising Identifier will not be permitted to use it for ad targeting purposes.

For more information about these options:

1. Open Settings
2. Select Privacy
3. Select Advertising and follow the on-screen instructions

To manage privacy preferences on other mobile devices, enter your device identifier and preference, below. Note that this page accepts case insensitive device identifiers in two formats: Android Id (16 character hexidecimal, such as 355018BC70BAAF96), and UDID (36 hexidecimal characters including dashes, such as 1E2AFA89-496A-47FD-9A41-DF1AC4E6434A).


You may also stop collection of information by Oath apps by uninstalling them using the standard uninstall process available on your device or via the application marketplace or network from which you installed the app.

In addition, you can adjust your AOL Marketing Preferences to make choices about how your AOL information may be used to provide marketing offers to you across your devices when signed in to AOL services.

Please note that by limiting ad tracking or opting out by way of any of the choices described, you will still see ads in the same places, but those ads may be less relevant because they will no longer be based on your interests. Due to the differences between using apps and websites on mobile devices, the options listed are specific only to Oath’s practices within apps. You can continue to control the use of data when you browse the web by visiting Your Online Choices or by adjusting your cookie settings within the browser's settings menu.